Princess Peach Makes Her Debut In The Second Super Mario Movie Trailer

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The second trailer for the highly anticipated Super Mario Movie debuted as part of a Nintendo Direct, this time focusing on the character of Princess Peach.

The Direct opened with Shigeru Miyamoto thanking “lots of people around the world” for supporting The Super Mario Bros. Movie, after the incredible viewership that was received by the first trailer. Not much was said by Miyamoto, who joked about not being allowed to talk too much about the film, but Chris Meledandri made a point to highlight the actors who would be starring in the film, specifically Anya Taylor-Joy.

“It was important for us to work with performers who could inhabit a wide range of emotions, to connect with audiences on the big screen,” said Meledandri, “Anya brings a new dimension to this character.” Miyamoto took a moment after to introduce Seth Rogan—who will voice Donkey Kong in the Mario Movie, who not only spoke on how, as a kid, he always believed he should be Donkey Kong in a movie, but introduced the world to his dog named “Zelda.”

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The trailer itself put a big spotlight on Princess Peach, showing her in a much more commanding, leadership position than what we’ve seen of her in the games. The trailer seems to suggest she’ll be joining Mario on his adventure in a much bigger way than his brother Luigi—who seemed to be captured by Bowser, and gave viewers the debut of Charlie Day doing his voice.

The trailer also hinted at the idea that, much like the Super Mario Bros. Movie from 1993, the plot will have Mario and Luigi as plumbers in some version of the real world, before getting sent to the Mushroom Kingdom. More elements of the Super Mario games were also shown within the trailer, with Mario flying using the Tanooki Suit, and Princess Peach getting powered up with a Fire Flower. The trailer even seemed to suggest there would be a segment devoted to a Mario Kart race.

Debatably, the trailer highlights the weakest aspect of the Mario Movie is still Mario himself, which despite having a bit more dialogue than the first trailer, feels less like the Mario games know and love, and Chris Pratt doing some approximation of a Mario impression—the end of the trailer featuring one of the most enthusiastic “Wa-hoos,” ever heard by this writer.

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