Marvel & Electronic Arts (EA) to Release Action Adventure Games

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Electronic Arts are eager to welcome Marvel into the fold with the promise of three action-adventure games to be released.

While the details of the games are vague, we know that the first release will be a single-player, third-person, action-adventure Iron Man game coming out of Motive Studios. All games are announced to be origin stories set in the Marvel universe.

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The first title game, Iron Man, is in development and will feature an original narrative that truly taps into the history of the character. It is meant to feel as though you are truly playing and embodying the charismatic Tony Stark of the Marvel Universe.

Executive Vice President at Marvel Games, Jay Ong, states “We pride ourselves on being enthusiastic, creative collaborators with developers, so they have the freedom to create something deeply unique and truly remarkable. The team at Motive is getting started on that with their Iron Man video game and we can’t wait for players to learn more in the far future.”

Marvel finally teams up with a gaming developer and longtime fans are ready to consume more content when it comes to our beloved Marvel superheroes. As stated by Laura Miele, COO at Electronic Arts, this is a moment that’s been coming for a long time and awaited by fans and gamers alike.

The developer’s team is led by Olivier Proulx, who brings his expertise from working on past Marvel titles like Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, and veterans including Ian Frazier, Maëlenn Lumineau, and JF Poirier. From what we understand, this team is passionate about the upcoming Marvel origin stories tured into action-adventure games.

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