Mattrick: Supporters of Backwards Compatibility are “Really Backwards”

| May 22, 2013
Mattrick: Supporters of Backwards Compatibility are “Really Backwards”

Don Mattrick, head of Microsoft’s interactive entertainment business, believes gamers should really get with the times.

Speaking with the Wall Street Journal today, Mattrick says he doesn’t see an issue with compatibility; according to him, five per cent play older videogames on new consoles anyway. He concluded the time and money spent compensating backwards compatibility just isn’t worth the investment.

“If you’re backwards compatible, you’re really backwards,” Mattrick says.

A survey conducted by social media technology firm Fizzology found 12 per cent of prospective Xbox One customers wouldn’t be pleased if backwards compatibility weren’t an option. This negative percentage—according to Michael Olson, analyst at Piper Jaffray, an investment firm—could bruise sales in the short term. Olson countered his statement by saying the low percentage could potentially increase sales for next-generation consoles.

“Gamers [can] rebuild their entire library for a new console,” Olson says.

Mattrick was given the honour of revealing to the world yesterday Xbox One. He began the presentation by highlighting the evolution of the Xbox, before lifting the veil to showcase Xbox One’s slick, metallic black form. Mattrick also announced Xbox One would launch later this year. Neither price date nor a specific release date has been released.

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