Maxxxine, The New Slasher Sequel to Pearl and X, Greenlit By A24

Big Slasher Sequel 'Maxxxine' Greenlit By A24 2

The third film in the X slasher movie franchise, Maxxxine has been confirmed to be in production after the premiere of the prequel Pearl at TIFF 2022.

Just in time for the Halloween season, the return to freestyle techno music and 80s slasher films has been announced with a sequel to the X movie franchise right after the prequel, Pearl, was shown at TIFF 2022. Writer and Director Ti West channelled old school slasher brilliance in the first two entries, with a release trailer for Pearl also shown, but was revealed last July.

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A24 has been on a tear lately with the critically acclaimed Everything Everywhere All at Once receiving a warm reception at Metacritic, and the stabbing free spins back to 70s films, which started with the middle but first film X not being left in the cold in that regard, receiving favourable reviews and a 79% on Metacritic as well. Mia Goth is reprising her role as the titular Maxine, who’s aiming to be a film star in the now 80s paradigm shift of 80s Los Angeles, by any means necessary. Although, it remains to be seen whether Pearl will be making an appearance in Maxxxine.

Pearl Review - Tiff 2022

Fans of old slasher flicks will be delighted to know that the bloody prequel film Pearl arrives in theatres on September 16, and will showcase the bloody origin of America’s murderer next door Pearl with notable tribute being paid to early 70s based films. A very brief teaser was shown at TIFF 2022.

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The latest film in the Ti West X franchise, Maxxxine seeks to build on the legacy set from the other two films, but changes the formula, by having Maxine change her location from Texas to LA. The film has only been confirmed as ‘in development’ so far, with Ti West serving once again as Writer and Director, with Jacob Jaffke serving as producer and Mia Goth also serving as Executive Producer. Other producer credits so far include Kevin Turen and Harrison Kreiss. Maxxxine is only listed as ‘coming soon’ thus far, but more info should be given soon.

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