Namco Bandai announces Soul Calibur V

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The fighting franchise is set to return in 2012.

Namco Bandai has officially lifted the curtain on Soul Calibur V, confirming the game’s existence at the “Step Up Dubai 2011” event. The game is set 17 years after the events of Soul Calibur IV and will represent a “generational shift” for the story and characters of the series. The main protagonist is Patroklos, the son of Sophitia, and the rest of the roster will feature a mix of new and returning Soul Calibur characters.

Soul Calibur V will expand on the franchise’s character creation features and will also introduce some gameplay updates to the series.

“Gameplay in IV could be a little heavy, particularly when you were online – we wanted gameplay that was more fast and reactive,” producer Hisaharu Tago told Eurogamer. “The pace of the game has been improved, and the combos will be easier to perform, and the moves will be easier to pull out.

Tago further advises fans to expect some kind of crossover cameo.

“We will have guest characters as we did with Star Wars,” he continued. “Please stay tuned for more information on that.”

Namco Bandai has released the first teaser trailer (below), while the new official website invites fans to ‘Like’ the game on Facebook in order to reveal a hidden image. Soul Calibur V is being developed for the PS3 and Xbox 360 and will be available sometime in 2012. Tago has promised to share more details at E3 next month in L.A.

Source: Eurogamer

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