Netflix’s Resident Evil Has Heart, Siena Agudong and Tamara Smart Share

Netflix’s Resident Evil Has Heart, Sienna Agudong and Tamara Smart Share [EXCLUSIVE] 1

CGMagazine was able to chat with the Resident Evil series stars, Siena Agudong and Tamara Smart who explained their experiences on set.

Time to start the countdown as the release date grows closer to the release of the new and first Resident Evil live-action series. CGMagazine had the opportunity to chat with two of the lead stars for the show who played Albert Wesker’s kids, Billie (Siena Agudong) and Jade (Tamara Smart) Wesker.

The show itself is structured in two timelines. The first takes place in 2022, following Albert and his young kids in Cape Town, South Africa, moving into an Umbrella Corporation community. Jade and Billie are twin sisters who may have different personalities and interests, but they soon learn that their father is up to no good—classic Albert Wesker fishiness from the earlier Resident Evil video games.

The second timeline takes place 14 years later, in 2036, where the older Jade (Ella Balinska) is fighting the zombie apocalypse caused by a dangerous drug called Joy that had been released in her past. She continues to search for a cure to the outbreak while her past catches up to her with her father’s past suspicious activities and her sister’s disappearance.

Netflix’s Resident Evil Has Heart, Sienna Agudong And Tamara Smart Share [Exclusive] 2

With the two timelines requiring older actors to play Jade and Billie, Smart explained how they had to mirror their actions and “mannerisms” to their older selves. “I think for us, it was a key thing with a lot of the same mannerisms. And we both kind of talked to Adeline [Rudolph] and Ella, we wanted to be certain about the ways that we kind of held each other or certain mannerisms…and little things that people will point out and say like, oh, okay, they’re the same person.”

In terms of the Resident Evil video games, CGMagazine asked about whether the talented stars had been fans of the franchise prior to joining the cast. Smart admitted, “I think I’m the only one in the cast who wasn’t a gamer before we all met each other…I sort of played the games a bit on set, which was not a good idea. I don’t know why. But yeah.” Agudong elaborated on how they got a reference to the zombie world, “I think we both watched the Resident Evil video games, like people playing the games to get familiar with the world.”

When asked about how they built up the on-screen family dynamic, Agudong said how they all were ready to “let their guards down” and when on set “ready to bond and ready to be there for one another. And to truly feel like a family.” Smart added a wonderful explanation to the situation of filming on location in South Africa, “I think one big factor is that we’re all just kind of gone to South Africa. And so yeah, we’re all missing our families.”

Resident Evil (2022) Series Review

“And you know when you’re missing someone, it kind of just pushes you towards someone else. And we kind of just naturally found that bond because we all just kind of looking for love you know, it’s just kind of how it worked,” Smart continued.

While the show showcases much of its zombie deliciousness with numerous nods to the games and canon, it still manages to tell a compelling storyline beneath the layers. “I think a major theme behind all the gore, the thriller, the horror, and all of that—it’s very emotional. So obviously, the action will keep you entertained for summer. But it draws you in because there’s so much depth to it. And I think that, I hope that will come across on screen.” Agudong shared.

This live-action Resident Evil series has the Supernatural executive producer, Andrew Dabb, serving as a writer, executive producer and showrunner. The show also stars the John Wick actor, Lance Reddick as the notorious Albert Wesker. While fans are going to see a different side to Albert, he is still up to his classic shady business in this series.

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The cast also includes Rudolph (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina), Paola Nuñez (Bad Boys for Life), Ahad Raza Mir, Connor Gossatti, and Turlough Convery. The show is slated for eight episodes and is also written and executive produced by Mary Leah Sutton, with Constantin Film’s Robert Kulzer and Oliver Berben set as executive producers.

Resident Evil will be infecting Netflix on Thursday, July 14, 2022. The review for the series is up on the CGMagazine site already with the reviewer mentioning how “Netflix’s Resident Evil was filled with many references for fans to appreciate but did not make it limited for newcomers.”

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