New Fortnite Update 3.31 Launches Today To Fix Reported Issues

| Sep 17, 2021
New Fortnite Update 3.31 Launches Today To Fix Reported Issues 1

With the release of Fortnite Season 8 earlier in the week, an update followed today to patch up problems players were experiencing.

Seeing as how Fortnite Season 8 launched earlier in the week bringing updates to the map, a new battle pass, new quests, and overall a cornucopia of new features, this update doesn’t bring any new features except the repair of features improperly integrated.

The update was first applied to the PC, PS4, and PS5 versions of the game but as of this posting is available on all platforms. The server didn’t crash for maintenance either, so the patch was made mid sail and required no hour breaks server maintenance usually requires which is very convenient for players who were active at the time of launch.

The patch was released to deal with general stability issues likely caused by the subsequent release of Season 8, as with a new season comes new issues usually. An issue with mounted turret construction sites not showing the player a progress timer for completion was fixed, which is useful for the tacticians of the Fortnite world. Another issue players were experiencing on the PC is while in Creative custom keybinds (mapped functions for keys) and controller button settings will be reset to the default settings when players switch to another window using Alt+Tab.

New Fortnite Update 3.31 Launches Today To Fix Reported Issues

Another interesting bug instantly fixed by the patch was that players who were granted items were unable to switch between weapon slots with their controller inputs, which was a very notable issue promptly wiped out with the Fortnite bandaid released today.

For further community reporting on bugs, players are experiencing in-game, players can check the Trello website to report them. This site is also useful to view all of the issues players are currently experiencing to assure you’re not alone when you experience certain problems.

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