New Mario Strikers: Battle League Footage Is Revealed By Nintendo A Month From Release

New Mario Strikers: Battle League Footage Is Revealed By Nintendo A Month From Release

Ahead of the seriously long-awaited Mario Strikers: Battle League release, Nintendo has put out an almost five-minute video showcasing what the exciting Mario mashup has to offer.

The latest in Nintendo Mario based sports games, and the sequel to the second entry Mario Strikers Charged on Wii, Mario Strikers: Battle League has finally revealed more information regarding the exciting title with only one month left before the release. A video has been unleashed by Nintendo and Next Level Games, with the only caveat being that it has yet to be localized. It is indeed in only Japanese as of this post.

YouTube video

There is a lot to unpack in the video, as it seems cooperative play will see new usage in the form of tackling the same team ball carrier to allow for a burst of speed, an assist of sorts. But even before getting into that, the stadiums look like something futuristic, and immediately hearken Final Fantasy X fans back to Blitzball Stadiums without water, as it seems this is where matches take place rather than a basic soccer pitch.

There’s a customization option for each character as well, leading to emphasis on strategy for different playstyles, and of course Mario is highlighted as the ‘well-rounded’ sort, with Bowser and Donkey Kong hitting the gym in the power category. If this has any connection to previous Mario sports titles, characters such as Waluigi will have a more defensive playstyle, while Yoshi will be speed based as per Mario Tennis Aces.

New Mario Strikers: Battle League Footage Is Revealed By Nintendo A Month From Release
Donkey Kong of the Future

It’s also notable to see Koopalings play keeper again, a fan favourite in the Mario Strikers series, and of course there will be many special shots it seems, as Luigi lights the pitch up with a tornado type special shot. A ranking system is featured in online play, as well as what Nintendo claims to be an online club league, and customization of favourite Mario Strikers: Battle League characters can even make Bowser look like something out of Tron, against a Gundam looking Rosalina. The sky’s the limit for this high-powered soccer title.

Mario Strikers: Battle League launches on June 10, pre-orders are not only available on the Nintendo website, but most other retailers. Fans can stay tuned into the action by following the official Nintendo Twitter account prior to launch.

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