New Silent Hill Game Officially Rated in South Korea

New Silent Hill Game Officially Rated in South Korea 1

With years of rumours and speculation, a new Silent Hill title appeared on the South Korean Game Rating board—implying a release for the game has been scheduled.

As the spooky season nears closer, a recent horror listing noted a new Silent Hill game may finally be coming out in the near future. The hint was spotted under the title “Silent Hill: The Short Message”, which has been rated on the website of The Game Rating and Administration Committee of South Korea—the listing has now been edited to hide the title of the project.

Lots of rumours have been floating around the past few years since the Metal Gear Solid creator, Hideo Kojima, departed from the studio and Silent Hills was cancelled. Speculation pointed to a remake of Silent Hill 2 from The Medium studio, Bloober Team, as the next release for the game series.

The Polish developer announced a “strategic co-operation agreement” with Konami last year, months after Bloober’s CEO stated how they were working on an existing horror IP from “a very famous gaming publisher.” The Silent Hill composer, Akira Yamaoka also said the next title he would be working on after The Medium would be “the one you’ve been hoping to hear about.”

Now, Gematsu was the first to report this first major indication that Silent Hill may be on the precipice of a close return. Gematsu also noted the publisher for the game was UNIANA, a known publisher of Konami games in South Korea for games such as eFootball 2023. Online conversations have been unanimously pointing to a possibility of an October/Halloween announcement from Konami for the rumoured game. Based on previous teases like 2014’s P.T., there could be a free game demo dropping for the upcoming title.

Another hint of a new game for the titular horror series was a leaked image posted today that included a narrow hallway with messages popping up on the right side of the screen. This may be on the nose, but it could be related to the new title, “The Short Message.” This could be more testing and execution of the feature Kojima had planned for Silent Hill, where the game would send players real-life text messages.

New Silent Hill Game Officially Rated In South Korea 2

Silent Hill: The Short Message is rumoured to be in development.  

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