Silent Hill 2 Remake Rumored to be in Development by Bloober Team

Silent Hill 2 Remake Rumored to be in Development by Bloober Team

A new rumor has been circulating about the full-scale remake of the beloved horror game Silent Hill 2 will be created by the Bloober Team as a ‘Playstation Console Exclusive’.

Recently, there has been a ton of new leaks and rumours associated with the Silent Hill Franchise. The most well known being a set of images supposedly from a New Silent Hill instalment posted by a popular YouTuber, AestheticGamer, being somewhat confirmed by Konami via DMCA take-down.

The rumours of the Silent Hill 2 Remake were fuelled by a tweet by a video game insider that goes by the name NateTheHate2. He claimed that the remake will include updated puzzles and new endings. Then Jeff Grubb came along and supported his findings by stating that “Not all of my sources are primary, but everything is mostly lining up,” Grubb was well known to have a decent track when it comes to speculations. This has later generated a spark and led to more rumours about Konami potentially publishing several Silent Hill installations in the upcoming years. 

According to NateTheHate2, Konami has signed a deal with the Bloober Team for a “Strategic Cooperation Agreement” during late June of 2021. Since the Bloober Team was well-known for their horror game titles, Blair Witch, Layers of Fear, and The Medium, people believed that this could be true and had set their hopes for the Bloober Team and their take on the series.

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Silent Hill 2 was always loved for its atmospheric tension as their main scare tactic. While being regarded as a masterpiece of a horror game, the game itself has little to no jump scares present. The game starts off with the protagonist arriving in a strange town where he is surrounded by the looming fog flooding the town while entities show up out of nowhere. Everything about the narrative point was vague, and that created an eerie atmosphere where you can’t help yourself but to feel fear and curiosity as you try to pinpoint the current situation. It has to be my favourite game from the Silent Hill franchise, and I recommend you check it out. 

For now, it is still unknown whether this is a hoax. Although this rumour is being backed up by 2 well-known individuals, we may have hope for the Silent Hill 2 remake. The only choice we have is to wait for any further confirmation by either Bloober Team or Konami.

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