NightDive Studio Releases SystemShock Remake Demo with Livestream

NightDive Studio Releases SystemShock Remake Demo with Livestream

Earlier today, Nightdive Studio lead, Stephen Kick showed off their SystemShock remake on Twitch with a live playthrough, in addition to a brief Q&A with fans eagerly awaiting the highly anticipated title.

For the uninitiated, SystemShock originally released in 1994 and revolutionized the singleplayer FPS genre, introducing players to a sprawling sci-fi themed game that influenced many future titles, such as Deus Ex and contemporary hits such as Bioshock and 2017’s Prey. Both the original title and the remake follows the exploits of an unnamed hacker, tasked in taking down the Citadel’s supercomputer AI entity, known as SHODAN.

Nightdive Studios’ remake takes the classic FPS title and reinvigorates it for modern audiences by rendering the game in 3D, fully realizing the original aesthetic of the 1994 classic with a brand new coat of paint that remains faithful to the source material. Like the original game, the SystemShock remake will have an emphasis on exploration and puzzle-solving, as players make their way deep into the labyrinthine-like space station, known simply as the Citadel.

Like the aforementioned Prey, SystemShock mixes combat elements with exploration, with combat primarily consisting of weapons and gear found within the halls of the Citadel. Survival horror fans and those looking for a more atmospheric romp through a space station should keep the game on the their radar.

Readers interested in checking out the remake can download a demo of the game from GOG and Steam. The demo will be made available for the next two weeks, so those wanting to check it out should grab it before its gone.

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