Nintendo Switch Features 4GB RAM, Source Emily Rogers Notes

| October 31, 2016
Nintendo Switch Features 4GB RAM, Source Emily Rogers Notes 2

The Nintendo Switch was recently unveiled this month as a hybrid gaming console capable of handling both TV and on-the-go gaming. Speculated for months, Nintendo’s reveal brought major questions towards the Japanese gaming giant: including whether their recent offering would be competitively viable on the console market. But it seems Nintendo is taking at least one step forward to assure the Switch will perform well among consumers: Nintendo Switch source Emily Rogers claims the new console comes with 4GB RAM.

Some background on Emily Rogers first, if you’re unfamiliar with her work. Rogers originally reported on the Nintendo Switch’s features on her blog prior to the Switch’s official unveiling. Referred to as “Nintendo NX” at the time, she claimed she was able to confirm a variety of features part of the new console. This ended up being true, turning her into a respected source within the gaming community.

After Twitter user @NWPlayer123 posted supposed devkit hardware specs for the Nintendo Switch in a tweet, NeoGAF became curious about the Nintendo console’s official specifications. After Rogers came across the thread, she investigated the claim and was able to confirm that the 4GB offering does, in fact, apply to retail copies of the Nintendo Switch. Meaning the Switch is twice as powerful as the Wii U when it comes to raw RAM output.

What does this mean for potential Nintendo Switch buyers? For one, Nintendo is making sure devkit and retail hardware units line up relatively well. It also means Nintendo isn’t just interested in creating a hybrid console, they also want developers to have the raw hardware power to create more graphically intense games. As to whether the 4 GB RAM upgrade is future-proof, that’s an entirely different question altogether. But at the very least, it shows the Nintendo Switch is intended to be a little bit more than just a Wii U successor.

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