Outriders Gets Massive New Horizon Update, Worldslayer Expansion in 2022

Outriders Gets Massive New Horizon Update, Worldslayer Expansion in 2022

A new Outriders broadcast detailed a host of massive changes to the game, a seeming effort to help breathe new life into the shooter.

Developer People Can Fly detailed two different pieces of content for Outriders, with the first being a brand-new paid story expansion called Worldslayer, which will arrive sometime in 2022. No further details were shared on Worldslayer, however, the studio shared a ton of information on the upcoming New Horizon update, which launches on November 16.

The studio is calling New Horizon “Endgame 2.0” as it’s a transformational update that promises to actually bring new content to the game, instead of just fixing lingering issues. The biggest new addition with this update is four brand-new Expeditions, which are also no longer timed. This will give players a lot more flexibility for what builds they want to approach Expeditions with, as there’s no longer pressure to finish as fast as possible.

Some other additions are highly-requested quality-of-life features, like a transmogrification system that’ll finally allow players to sport whatever look they want, regardless of equipment. Perhaps the most important change, from a gameplay perspective, is that skills and gear for all four of the game’s classes are being buffed. An update on Square Enix’s site describes the choice by saying,

“Multiple skills and items have been made much more effective across all classes. This opens up even more potential builds—skills that many players previously neglected because others were superior, are now much more viable. If you only played the game at launch, you’ll notice how much tougher and more destructive you are now. For new players, prepare to dominate the battlefield in the most satisfying ways possible.”

Those are just a handful of the changes coming to Outriders, and here’s a basic overview of everything coming. More information can be seen on the update page from Square Enix.

  • No more Expedition timers
  • Expedition rewars are equalized
  • Four new Expeditions
  • Legendary gear is easier to find
  • Transmog system
  • Skills and gear buffed for all classes
  • Crossplay on all platforms
  • Matchmaking updated to be more stable
  • Console players get more control options
  • Ability to skip the opening sequence
  • Free legendary piece of armor

Outriders is currently available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and Google Stadia.

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