Over 250 universities register for CryEngine 3 SDK

| May 2, 2011

Crytek’s development engine has become a popular teaching tool for educators.

Crytek, the studio responsible for the recent Crysis 2, has announced that more than 250 universities have signed up for a free CryENGINE 3 educational license over the past year. The universities are located all over the world and are using the engine in fields as diverse as physics, computer science, architecture, film-making, art, and design.

“Thousands of students now have access to the same cutting-edge technology that the world’s best developers are using for their ongoing projects,” said Avni Yerli, Managing Director at Crytek.  “With our CryEngine 3 educational SDK we want to enable them to achieve their vision and create their very own innovation to become the next generation of developers.”

At the very least, getting into schools is certainly good publicity for Crytek. They could also be raising an entire generation of students with their development engine, and it’ll be interesting to see what students are able to do at such an early stage in their careers.

Source: Crytek

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