Pac Man sculpture unveiled in Madrid

| Dec 19, 2014
Pac Man sculpture unveiled in Madrid

Pac-Man has been on of the prominent images of video games since the early 80’s. From film to pop culture all recognize this iconic figure. In Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid, it is become a symbol of the evolving nature of education and how digital media is being embraced world wide.

The school is unveiled a new sculpture to  comemorate the fact that Rey Juan Carlos University will be the first public university in the Madrid Region to offer a Degree in Video-Game Development.

On site  was the Japanese Ambassador to Spain,  Mr. Kazuhiko Koshikawa along with the dean of the school  Mr. Fernando Suárez.

It is great to see more schools embracing the new digital world by giving students the opportunists needed to excel in the field of game design. Pac-Man has been something I personally always look back fondly on and it is great seeing more people having the ability to follow the career path that this little character helped start.

Has Pac-Man or any of the games from the early 80’s ignited your interest in video games? Sound off below, we would love to hear your stories!

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