“The Park” Xbox One & PS4 Version Announced

| April 18, 2016
"The Park" Xbox One & PS4 Version Announced 1

Funcom announced their popular survivor-horror title “The Park” will be scaring the pants off of Xbox One and PS4 owners on May 3


. This will be the studio’s first console release in 10 years; having primarily focused on developing MMORPGs, such as Age of Conan and The Secret World.

Funcom CEO Rai Casais is highly excited for the release, stating, “We are thrilled to develop games for consoles again. Not only because ‘The Park’ is a great fit for console gaming, but the process has also given us a lot of experience which we can use for some of our upcoming games, like ‘Conan Exiles’.”

The Park follows a woman, Lorraine, as she searches for her missing son in a creepy, dilapidated amusement park. The game was originally released on PC in October 2015, where it has gotten a great deal of success off the strength of popular Let’s Plays and various gaming streams.

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