Pirates of the Caribbean Director Gore Verbinski Talks Bioshock, Calls Jason Isaacs Mr. Delicious

| February 16, 2017
Pirates of the Caribbean Director Gore Verbinski Talks Bioshock, Calls Jason Isaacs Mr. Delicious

Recently, acclaimed director of the Pirates of the Caribbean saga, Rango, and The Ring, Gore Verbinski hosted a Reddit AMA. While nothing groundbreaking was revealed in the community-based question answer period, Verbinski answered pretty honestly, touching on his scrapped Bioshock film on top of calling actor Jason Isaacs “Mr. Delicious”.

While he explained Isaacs’ nickname comes from his captivating nature, the biggest take away from the AMA to us gamers are his comments about his Bioshock film. Stating he wanted to make an R-rated movie.

“[In] Bioshock…we’d be building an entire underworld universe.” says Verbinski, “I think the combination of the price tag and the rating, Universal just didn’t feel comfortable ultimately. At that time also there were some R-rated, expensive R-rated movies that were not working.”

He did give fans a glimmer of hope by saying the landscape for R-rated movies has changed, making it easier to make a successful movie with that rating, so there is a chance it could happen again.

Verbinski spoke about the odds of seeing another Rango movie, to which he seemed doubtful. With that said, Verbinski did mention he is kicking around another animated film idea. Rango wasn’t the hottest topic of discussion for Verbinski however, in fact, It’s not hard to guess that some did ask about Pirates of the Carribean as well. Directing the first three movies, Verbinski brought much of the character the multi-film franchise is known for.  While discussing that he feels it’s time for him to move on from the franchise, he did speak about some of his fears during the then-trilogy’s production.

“I certainly think one of the scariest moments in my career was filming the second and third Pirates movie back to back and at some point realizing that we were no longer making the studio nervous,” says Verbinski. “…I think when that happens you start to get nervous yourself because you’re quite used to telling stories that maybe are operating on that boundary of the unknown”

While it’s disappointing to hear he doesn’t intend to return to the world of Rango or Pirates of the Caribbean, Verbinski isn’t sitting still. Currently, his upcoming film, A cure for Wellness, its theatres Feb. 17, 2017.

Editor’s Note: Some quotes were fixed for grammar.

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