PlayStation Plus December 2022 Offerings Leaked Out

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The cat’s out of the bag on PlayStation Plus’ December offerings, as a French website has leaked what’s coming to the service next month.

Every month brings new games that come gratis thanks to being subscribed to services, such as the PlayStation Plus online membership. Last month saw five big Ratchet and Clank games crash onto the premium tier of the service, and this month has an entirely new space-setting epic in store for Sony console owners. Courtesy of French website DeaLabs — and Google Translate — the leaked titles do seem legit and can be seen below.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

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For those who have yet to experience the sci-fi epic that is Mass Effect, and own a PlayStation, this is the perfect time to jump into a huge universe filled with a wealth of alien races, rich lore, and a compelling story that would make any Star Trek fan excited. Featuring a fully reworked Mass Effect, and new paint on the sequels, this is definitely the way to play the trilogy all at once for the first time or to allow fans who have travelled the fictionalized universe before another chance to run through Bioware’s original series.


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A more niche title arrives with the Mass Effect blockbuster to PlayStation Plus for December, with Biomutant. The PS Store description provides “Biomutant is an open-world, post-apocalyptic Kung-Fu fable RPG, with unique martial art styled combat system allowing you to mix melee, shooting and mutant ability action,” to allow fans to know what they’re in for.

Divine Knockout (DKO)

Playstation Plus December 2022 Offerings Leaked Out 284037

Rounding out the two single-player adventure titles is the PlayStation Plus addition of Divine Knockout (DKO), allowing those who were ever curious about the multiplayer brawler a chance to jump into the fray. A third-person platform fighting title is what to expect here, with character customization to show off divine might and a multitude of game modes for variety-based gameplay. A multiplayer game for the gods.

That just about rounds up the PlayStation Plus December 2022 leak. Fans interested in these titles shouldn’t have to wait longer than December 6, considering that’s when the leak website has them slated to drop.

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