New Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Trailer Reveals Energetic Electric Gym Leader, Iono!

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In a new Pokémon Scarlet and Violet trailer today, a brand-new Gym Leader was introduced that is bursting with energy. Meet Iono the electric type gym leader.

Today, the new Pokémon Scarlet & Violet trailer brought along a brand-new electric gym leader. Iono could be considered the opposite of the first electric gym leader in Vermillion City, Lt. Surge, who is known for his no-nonsense attitude and imposing army fatigues. Iono is a streaming icon bursting with genki. The trailer can be seen below.

YouTube video

Despite the character’s electric over-the-top energy filling the trailer, there are many things to unpack. While Iono is talking, she reveals numerous things about the new titles, mainly some returning Pokémon that have returned to the PokéDex for generation nine.

  • Iono reveals Magnemite hair accessories, and uses the species name. This could directly mean Magnemite is in the game; her hairpins are different colour variations of the Steel/Electric type. With the recent reveal of Wiglett, maybe Magnemite can expect the same treatment in pink or blue.
  • The obvious ‘Who’s that Pokémon?’ outline of the longstanding mascot Pikachu is seen in the video, inferring Pikachu has made it into generation nine as well.
  • Iono also makes references to the move ‘Electroweb,’ which can only be naturally learned by Joltik, Galvantula, and Regieleki (so far). This could suggest the Joltik line makes it into Scarlet and Violet, considering gym leaders have almost never mentioned legendaries, but it could also refer to the usual reward after beating a leader, a TM that teaches the move rather than a Pokémon who learns it, or even a brand-new monster that can employ the move.
  • There’s a small YouTube-looking icon on the bottom right of Iono’s jacket, which could mean there will be a version of YouTube in Paldea.
  • The mentioning of “generate electricity in its belly” could be a purposeful word choice, and she could be describing Morpeko, who has a mode called ‘Full Belly Mode.’ But that’s speculation, like the rest of the inferences here.

The latest gym leader reveal seems to be full of personality, and dares fans to guess her Pokémon. It’s more than likely to be a new creature exclusive to Paldea, considering the previously announced gym leaders Grusha and Brassius each have Cetitan and Smolive as partners, which are native to Paldea.

New Mystery Gift Event for Sword and Shield!

New Pokémon Scarlet &Amp; Violet Trailer Reveals Energetic Electric Gym Leader, Iono
Genesect (left), Volcanion (middle), Marshadow (right), Photo from Serebii

Other Pokémon Sword and Shield news, announces a new event where trainers can obtain Mythical creatures Volcanion, Genesect and Marshadow from Mystery Gift codes retrieved from GameStop stores in the US and Canada starting on October 16, Serebii reports. Genesect and Volcanion can be obtained from October 16 through 29, while Marshadow lands October 30 until November 12.

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet launches on November 18.

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