Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid Hits Cross Play Milestone

| May 29, 2020
Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid Hits Cross Play Milestone

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid is making its way to Google Stadia in June 2020 while becoming the first game to reach full console serenity on five systems.

In the game’s official Twitter, the fighting game was announced as the streaming console’s latest free monthly game for Pro subscribers with crossplay support available. Battle for the Grid offers cross-platform functionality with the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and Stadia with a library of old and new Power Rangers seen in decades-worth of shows and films. It also brought the Rangers into a modern generation game setting after making its rounds across mobile and handheld platforms.

But Battle for the Grid also separates itself as a fighting game that can work through demanding internet connections. For competitors, timing is a key aspect in precise attacks while lags can turn the tide of fights. According to IGN, strong online features are a must in online matches while it’s rare to see five systems work seamlessly. Ars Technica argued in October 2019 the genre also suffers from a “delay-based” obstacle that hits players in critical moments while online latency means players have to make their moves a bit earlier for them to register.

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid was released in 2019 by developer nWay and continues receiving support through additional Rangers and online DLC.

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