Pro Call of Duty Player Phillip ‘PHiZZURP’ Klemenov Dies After Tragic Car Accident

| October 3, 2016
Pro Call of Duty Player Phillip 'PHiZZURP' Klemenov Dies After Tragic Car Accident 6

Professional Call of Duty player Phillip ‘PHiZZURP’ Klemenov, a member of H2K‘s CoD team, died after sustaining serious injuries in a car crash early Sunday morning.

Just minutes from home in Aurora, Colorado, Klemenov lost control of the black Infinity, rolling several times; hitting several trees and a light pole before landing upside down on the sidewalk, according to police in a statement.  He died after being transported to a nearby hospital.

Pro Call Of Duty Player Phillip 'Phizzurp' Klemenov Dies After Tragic Car Accident 2
Credit: CBS

Klemenov’s girlfriend, 18-year-old Adrianna Lemus, and friend 26-year-old Marcelous Johnson, were passengers in the car. They were on their way home after a night out at Dave and Busters when they crashed, just after 2:30 a.m. Johnson was pronounced dead at the scene and Lemus suffered from minor injuries.

According to The Denver Post, Lt. Michael McClelland said investigators were still working to piece together the single-car crash.

“We have indicators and statements” that alcohol and/or drugs were involved, he explained, a suspicion Lemus has disputed profusely.

Lemus broke the news of Klemenov’s death in a tearful video on Twitter early Sunday morning. She has since Tweeted the full story of the events that night, specifically recounting how thoughtful Klemenov was by ensuring he was sober.

“He wanted to be the dd so me and his bestfriend could have a good time. Nothing but a good man,” Lemus Tweeted.

Tyler “FeLonY” Johnson, CoD player for Team eLevate, created a GoFundMe page to raise funds for Klemenov’s funeral on his family’s behalf.

“Phill was a passionate player, streamer, and even a better friend. He was one of the most genuinely nice people I have ever encountered,” says Tyler Johnson on the fundraising page.

A separate GoFundMe page was created to support the wife and child that passenger Marcelous Johnson tragically left behind.

“Marcelous was the happiest kid I’ve ever met, The fact that his son is growing up without a father now is heartbreaking,” the page creator writes.

The  community came together with , sharing clips highlighting Klemenov’s iconic Search and Destroy (SnD) game play and fond memories.

Klemonov’s biography on H2k’s wesbite describes “Phizzurp” as the most tenured player on their CoD squad. The team posted a tribute to Klemenov on Sunday:

“Today we lost a beloved H2K family member. Phillip “Phizzurp” Klemenov passed away earlier today. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family, friends and all of those who were lucky enough to have him in their lives.

Rest in peace Phil, we will always miss you.”

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