PS5 Redesign Will Enter Production In 2022

| May 6, 2021
PS5 Redesign Will Enter Production In 2022

Sony will begin manufacturing a redesign of the PS5 in 2022, according to a new report from Taiwanese website DigiTimes.

Spotted originally by VGC, according to DigiTimes suppliers for different components of the PS5 such as semiconductor foundry TSMC will begin manufacturing the redesign sometime between the second and third quarter of next year.

This news doesn’t mean we’ll be getting a PS5 Pro in two years, but more likely means Sony has found a way of potentially avoiding supply constraints they and the rest of the world’s tech companies have been facing. Getting your hands on a PS5 has been an onerous task since before the console launched, and continues to be even now. It’s not that Sony doesn’t want to sell more PS5’s, they just can’t make them as quickly as people buy them.

Sony hasn’t been alone in that struggle though. Despite breaking previous records made by the PS4’s launch, the shortage of semiconductors in production means that keeping up with those kinds of numbers is more difficult long-term, and Sony hasn’t been very optimistic about the pendulum swinging the other way anytime soon.

In response to the article, Dr. Serkan Toto, an analyst with Kantan Games pointed out on Twitter the potentially key component behind the redesign. “It says the next PS5 will come with a “new semi-customized” 6nm CPU from AMD. 5nm is said to be too costly.”

It’s unlikely that the redesign will feature any external changes. It’s possible that Sony is in fact working on what a PS5 Pro could look like, and this redesign could be a step along that path, but we’re more likely to see that at a much later point in the PS5’s life cycle. This redesign is aimed more at being able to get more PS5’s produced and placed on shelves, so Sony can speed along the transition between generations.

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