PUBG Mobile Suddenly Soft-Launched Exclusively in Canada

| Mar 16, 2018
PUBG Mobile Suddenly Soft-Launched Exclusively in Canada 1

As battle-royale games dominate both the console and smartphone market, PUBG entered the scene without warnings- just in time to compete with Fortnite’s IOS debut.

While some may think that this version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is brand new, it is an English translated patch for the already existing Chinese mobile version of the popular battle royal shooter, also released by Chinese company and PUBG stakeholder, Tencent.

According to some early impressions, this version of PUBG seems to include all of the console’s original content, thus excluding the recently added desert map. Despite lacking a second map, early players have reported excellent performance on multiple Android phones, which is great news when PUBG‘s Xbox One launch was met with less than desirable performance hiccups.

However to those who wish to enjoy this latest version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on the go, you will be sad (or happy) to know that it is currently a Canadian PlayStore exclusive, as it is a widely known test market for companies to soft launch new games.

While no other information regarding other releases has been given, this hints at the possibility that other releases are likely to follow, but for those truly desperate, APKs are always available.

PUBG is a battle-royale game where 100 players fight frantically for survival. PUBG is also available on Windows, and Xbox One.

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