Report: Battle Royale reaching Modern Warfare in “early March”

| February 20, 2020
Report: Battle Royale reaching Modern Warfare in “early March”

A report by VGC suggests the leaked Warzone game mode for 2019’s Modern Warfare will be “unlocked” for players in March.

The news comes shortly after a mystery “classified” option was spotted on the game’s menu following the latest Season Two update.

Previous leaks from Reddit data miner Sennescallo also claimed the battle royale would allegedly hold a max of 200 players per match, while different maps would drop with regular online support.

Sources also told VGC Warzone would officially be revealed later this week and comes as a separate title on current platforms.

For standalone players, they could also have an option to “upgrade” the mode into the full Modern Warfare game – complete with its campaign and traditional multiplayer.

Season Two’s latest in-game cutscene even includes hints to the upcoming Warzone update, showing off friendly fire, open warfare and squads dropping into the map via parachute.

YouTube video

The large map was also surrounded by a green toxic fog, implying players would be boxed-in across the match (similar to Fortnite’s deadly storm). 

In true battle royale fashion, players working together could also coordinate their moves by marking locations on a map and spot enemies with numbers using a compass. Other claims include a revival system, where downed players compete with others to rejoin their teammates.

Call of Duty: Warzone is expected to come in an update and standalone release early next month.

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