Swedish Media Company Acquires ResetEra for $4.55 Million

Swedish Media Company Buys ResetEra for $4.55 million

Well, it looks like some else will be keeping the light on for popular video game and community forums, ResetEra as it has been acquired by Swedish media company, MOBA Network for $4.55 million USD.

After reaching a deal for the forums, $3.55 million has already been paid with the final $1 million will be paid at a later date in 2021. For anyone unaware, MOBA Network already owns a number of sites dedicated to online communities, including Mobafire.com, Dotafire.com, Smitefire.com, Owfire.com, Leaguespy.net and more. The company also manages the Union For Gamers YouTube Network, which deals with more than 1,000 creators on the platform, so it’s no stranger to the gaming space.

“We are very excited and proud to welcome ResetEra.com – one of the world’s largest gaming forum and community brands – to our growing number of brands,” MOBA CEO, Björn Mannerqvist said in a statement.

“We see significant opportunities to develop ResetEra, continue to grow traffic flows, improve the sales development and extract synergies within the MOBA Group.”

Swedish Media Company Acquires Resetera For $4.55 Million

ResetEra was created during the fallout of NeoGaf after the site’s owner was accused of sexual misconduct allegations. Members decided to distance themselves from the site which led to the formation and migration of ResetEra in 2017 which emphasizes diversity and inclusivity. The forums currently has near 55,000 members, it generates on average about 60 million page views a month and currently has about 45 million forum posts.

The price that MOBA Network ended up paying was well over the asking price as ResetEra generated $700,000 USD over the last 12 months leading up to August 31st. The site generated revenue through ad sales, and subscriptions to remove ads. For ResetEra members worried, the site says nothing is changing under new management as the same operational team that has been running and moderating the site to this point isn’t going anywhere.

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