Roll20 and OneBookShelf Have Joined Forces as a Big Joint Venture

Roll20 and OneBookShelf Have Joined Forces as a Big Joint Venture

In a surprise announcement today, Roll20 and OneBookShelf have decided to band together as a joint venture in their never ending battle against the tabletop hoards that threaten adventurers.

Roll20 is a service that gives tabletop RPG players a handy space to record adventures directly from a browser window, and has provided this service for millions. Today, they have merged with OneBookShelf, a web of marketplaces dedicated to comics and gaming, and are a premier vendor for TTRPG enthusiasts. This team-up provides an easy way for TTRPG players to have all their eggs in the same basket, by letting adventurers have all their content manageable across all platforms, and allowing players to connect easier than ever.

Roll20 And Onebookshelf Have Joined Forces As A Big Joint Company

This mashup allows TTRPG content creators to reach a broader audience as well, so those with shared interests will have an easier time stepping into a campaign online. The merging of the two companies brings a vast party of 40 engineers dedicated to giving fans the best product and experience possible. The literal and figurative game plan off the bat for the new joint venture will be to first add PDF support to Roll20’s virtual tabletop in the beginning stages, and then ultimately the companies will make OneBookShelf PDF libraries accessible within the Roll20 virtual tabletop experience, combining the best of both worlds and all their assets being placed in one handy VTT.

Roll20 And Onebookshelf Have Joined Forces As A Big Joint Company
Roll20, Ankit Lal

The combining of forces creates an alliance of experience in the industry, with CEO of Roll20, Ankit Lal stating “Joining forces with OneBookShelf creates the best place to purchase, peruse, and play TTRPGs online, period,” with “With this deal, we gain significant progress on several of our user promises that dramatically improve the VTT, and will work together to continue adding new and exciting features to our already industry-leading platform,” regarding the exciting merger.

CEO of OneBookShelf, Stephan Wieck, shares the same sentiments by stating “Our mission from the get-go has always been to make it easier for publishers and creators to reach a wider audience of roleplaying fans,” including “Customers will be able to support their favourite games, in any format they desire, with one economical purchase, and they will be able to use their content on roleplaying’s most trusted platform,” about the ultimate alliance.

Roll20 And Onebookshelf Have Joined Forces As A Big Joint Company

With this exciting deal closing on a real life tabletop, the VTT will be vastly improved by having a space where all tabletop resources can be found at one stop for fans of both companies. For more information on these two tabletop-driven companies, fans can visit the Roll20 website or the OneBookShelf website for more information.  

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