Rumour: Nintendo Direct Allegedly Coming February 13

Rumour: Nintendo Direct Allegedly Coming February 13 2

The Nintendo Switch has been selling like hot cakes for what seems like an eternity now, but with February almost reaching its end (and with January lacking a proper Nintendo Direct), fans have grown curious as to what Nintendo has on offer for the year. According to a reputable source, our questions may finally have some much-needed answers.

After the direct-dread that was the month of January, many of Nintendo’s fans have taken it upon themselves to create online threads in order to speculate on when the Japanese company will have anything to announce, but one of these threads, in particular, has quickly gained some steam, as it contains the participation of one very well-regarded leaker.

Coming from Reset Era, a user by the name of King Zell, known for having accurately predicted not only the release of Pokemon Let’s go and The World Ends With You, but also the announcement of Animal Crossing on Switch, commented that “13 is your lucky number…..and am out” leaving many users both confused and excited at the same time.

With what has seemed like a rough January for Nintendo, with cut in sales predictions and the scrap of Metroid Prime 4’s development, it makes sense that the company would choose to postpone its Direct event to February, giving itself time to patch some open wounds.

What Can We Expect From This Nintendo Direct?

With this being the first Nintendo Direct of the year, there is a great deal of expectation for Nintendo to fulfill, especially with fans dreading the wait for some of their beloved franchises that haven’t yet reached Nintendo’s latest platform.

Further on the thread, King Zell hints that Nintendo has a number of games to announce this year including: Pikmin 3 Deluxe, Super Mario Maker 2, a new BoxBoy entry, and a new 2D The Legend of Zelda game – although the leaker is unsure if all of these are to be teased during the February direct.

Beyond that, Nintendo is yet to give us any information on a couple of their previously announced titles, from Animal Crossing to Fire Emblem, there is a lot that we already know is coming, but have no idea as to when.

As far as new titles are concerned, with the scrapping of Metroid Prime 4’s development, it is possible that Nintendo announces the long-rumoured Metroid Prime Trilogy remake on Switch.

2019 also comes as the prime time to announce what’s next for Nintendo’s non-hybrid handheld, the 3DS, be it a final batch of games, or an official goodbye to what has been one of the company’s longest-running console.

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