Samsung Unveils New Tech And A Vision For The Future at CES 2022

Samsung Unveils New Tech And A Vision For The Future at CES 2022

As the Consumer Electronics Show continues, Samsung showed off some stylish tech, both before and during the show; and took to the stage with a hopeful vision of a sustainable future.

On January 3rd, 2022; two days before the start of CES 2022, Samsung unveiled their newest MICRO LED, QLED and Lifestyle TVs. To start, the MICRO LED utilizes 25 million micrometer-sized LEDs to offer “best-in-class” picture quality, and, in addition to new hardware innovations; the 2022 MICRO LED supports 20-bit greyscale depth—meaning MICRO LED models can express every detail in a scene, with over 1 million steps of brightness and colour levels, offering viewers an impressive HDR experience.

Samsung Unveils New Tech And A Vision For The Future At Ces 2022

In addition, it also expresses 100% of DCI and Adobe RGB colour gamut; coupled with enhanced usability features such as its “Art Mode,” “Multi View,” which allows users to view content from four different sources simultaneously at up to 4K resolution; and Dolby Atoms sound performance. At CES 2022, Samsung announced the MICRO LED in three different sizes: 110, 101 and 89 inches.

Moving to the Samsung Neo QLED TV—the 2022 Neo Quantum Processor introduces advanced contrast mapping with BLU (back-light unit), increasing the brightness level from 12 to 14-bit gradation for greater control of the light source: the Quantum Mini LEDs. This allows the TV to control its lighting across 16,384 steps, quadrupled from the previous 4,096 steps.

Furthermore, The new Shape Adaptive Light technology leverages the Neo Quantum Processor to analyze lines, shapes and surfaces to control the shape of light from the Quantum Mini LEDs, enhancing the brightness and accuracy of all shapes on the screen. Coupled with enhanced features such as Real Depth Enhancer, and an Eye Comfort Shield; Samsung is really looking to push the hardware forward with the Neo QLED.

Samsung Unveils New Tech And A Vision For The Future At Ces 2022

Lastly, Samsung’s 2022 line of Lifestyle TVs feature a new matte display that reduce glare and reflection, further increasing their adaptability in most home settings. This is coupled with a new Smart Hub that “puts content curation and discovery front and center” of the viewing experience.

Also unveiled at CES 2022 was Samsung’s plan to further integrate their SmartThings Hub into select hardware in innovative ways. Said Head of Product and Engineering at Samsung, Mark Benson, “historically, consumers relied on dedicated hubs to connect each of their devices,” Benson continues, “by integrating SmartThings Hub technology into select Samsung products, we are eliminating a barrier to entry and streamlining the entire process to enable consumers to create the connected home of their dreams.”

But what was most promising from Samsung was their vision for a more sustainable future, titled “Together for Tomorrow.” Delivered during a pre-show keynote event at CES 2022, keynote speaker—Vice Chairman, CEO and Head of DX (Device eXperience) Division at Samsung: Jong-Hee (JH) Han, highlighted the company’s efforts to usher in a new age of togetherness, with customisable experiences that reflect consumers’ evolving lifestyles, and innovations that mark progress for both society and the planet.

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Samsung’s vision for the future is built on what the company calls “everyday sustainability.” It is a concept that inspires Samsung to put sustainability at the heart of everything it does. Supposedly, the company has been realizing its vision by adopting new, low-impact product manufacturing practices, footprint-reducing packaging and a more sustainable customer experience, and by responsibly disposing of products at the end of their lifecycles.

“I’m excited for you to be a part of our vision to see how innovation can create positive change, [and] to join us and work together for tomorrow,” said Han. ”These developments will make sustainability part of your product experience, enabling you to live a more sustainable life.”

According to the company, Samsung’s efforts to reduce carbon emissions throughout the production cycle have also earned recognition from the Carbon Trust—the world’s leading authority on carbon footprint—claiming that in 2021, the company’s Carbon Trust-certified memory chips will help reduce carbon emissions by nearly 700,000 tons

Samsung Unveils New Tech And A Vision For The Future At Ces 2022

Samsung also plans to implement changes that build sustainability into their products, such as notable enhancements to its “first-of-its-kind,” SolarCell Remote—which will eliminate battery waste with a built-in solar panel that can be charged during both day and night. In addition, by 2025, Samsung plans to make all of its TVs and phone chargers operate on near-zero standby power, so that the products will consume almost no energy when not being used.

“These are important steps,” said Han, “but we cannot achieve our goals alone. We believe open innovation and collaboration are keys to fighting climate change and protecting our environment.” With this in mind, Samsung announced that its eco-conscious technologies like the SolarCell Remote will be made open source, so that others can utilize them for their new devices too.

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