I Am Setsuna Release Date Revealed

| Apr 22, 2016
I Am Setsuna Release Date Revealed 1

Square Enix’s newest JRPG: I Am Setsuna finally has a release date only a few months away.

The game, created by Tokyo RPG Factory and published by Square Enix is set to release July 19, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and PC. The release date was announced via a teaser trailer which can be found below:

I Am Setsuna tells the tragic story of a young woman named Setsuna, and the sacrifices she must face in order to the save her home and loved ones. Square Enix says players will be “immersed in an emotional and unforgettable story of true bravery as Setsuna leaves her hometown with her bodyguards on a journey to the farthest land.”

According to Square Enix, I Am Setsuna’s art style and game mechanics are inspired by classic Japanese RPGs, naming Chrono Trigger as one of the lead inspirations for the game’s battle system.

I Am Setsuna will be the first game developed by Square Enix’s Tokyo RPG Factory.

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