Sierra Ops Adds Depth To The Space-Simulator Genre

| January 28, 2014
Sierra Ops Adds Depth To The Space-Simulator Genre 1

Though Faster Than Light brought back the space-ship genre in 2012, Sierra Ops is throwing romance and narrative to the mix.

Coined as a “Space Sci-Fi “Action RPG”, Ops has you take control of Junius Fahrenheit, commander of the Sierra. The gameplay has players modifying your ship with various parts and weapons, and then going into battle. The action is top-down, much like FTL, with countless enemies to defeat.

Plot-wise the main story revolves around an inter-planetary war between an oppressed Mars and Earth. You are part of an Ops team coincidentally called Sierra Ops. There are also a host of characters besides Junius, some of which you can even romance. Much of the story takes place during dialogue sequences in battle, usually after players complete an objective. Developer Innomen Productions says “the player’s choices, battle performance, Sierra’s upgrades, and the time spent on completing objectives can affect the storyline’s direction and may change it drastically.”

How’s that for a twist?

Innomen Productions is hoping to get Ops out by the end of the year, and is currently funding on IndieGoGo. There is also a demo available for the game.

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