Long Awaited Skull and Bones Releases This November

Long Awaited Skull and Bones Releases This November

After years of development and delays, the Ubisoft pirate game, Skull and Bones, sets sail on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Google Stadia, and PC November 8, 2022.

Originally made as a spin-off of Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag, Skull and Bones has faced countless delays, issues, and industry shuffles, but it seems that long development quest is nearly over, with the game finally reaching gamers everywhere this fall.

Skull and Bones puts you in command of your own pirate ship, where you must take to the high seas for contracts, resources and to take down merchant ships in the endless quest for loot and riches. With choices directing your journey, and your fame and rank helping improve your ship, this is a game built on the concept of being the best pirate possible.

Long Awaited Skull And Bones Releases This November 1

Ubisoft has made the game to be played solo or multiplayer, with players able to team up with two friends for open sea PvP combat to put your skill and ship to the test.

Ubisoft is also planning an ambitious roadmap involving multiple years worth of updates, new content, activities, stories, and challenges all for no additional cost.

A series of live tests are planned prior to the games launch, with Ubisoft outlining that anyone who is interested in taking part should head over to the official website to learn more and sign up.

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Skull and Bones will be available in two separate editions: the Standard Edition and a Premium Edition, with the Premium Edition including the ‘Ballad of Bloody Bones Collection’, two missions, a digital soundtrack as well as a “Smuggler Pass” token.

Everyone who pre-orders Skull and Bones will get the Highness of the High Sea Pack, that includes the Notoriety Garb Captain Outfit along with the Coronation Firework.

Originally planned for a 2018 release, the epic story of Skull and Bones is nearing an end with it finally hitting consoles and PC a day before God of War: Ragnarok, on November 8th.

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