Spencer Trailer Shows Exciting 1st Look at Kristin Stewart as Princess Diana

'Spencer' Trailer Shows Exciting 1st Look at Kristin Stewart as Royalty

Spencer‘s first trailer shows an unrecognizable Kristin Stewart as Princess Diana, in a time when strife among the Royal Family was undeniable.

“Three days,” Princess Diana mutters, “That’s it.”

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In an emotionally tense trailer showing Kristin Stewart helming a masterful performance as Princess Diana, conflict seems completely unavoidable in this film that takes a look into the disintegration of her marriage to Prince Charles.

Spencer takes place in 1991 and is set in the Sandringham estate of Queen Elizabeth II, with the royal family during the Christmas Holiday. The trailer encapsulates the spirit of Princess Diana as it shows many stages of her life while she runs, almost as if she had been running her whole life.

In an emotionally gripping scene between Princess Diana and one of her sons, “Mommy, what’s happened to make you so sad?” he asked her while lying on her lap. Diana responded, “Here, in this house, there is no future. The past and the present are the same thing.”

The trailer outlines the dark tension audiences will see, as a conversation with Prince Charles outlines her inner thoughts regarding the royal family. “Diana, for the good of the country,” Prince Charles, played by Jack Flaherty, begs. To which the strife-driven Diana replies “For the country?” while emotionally slamming her hands on a table. Later saying “there’s no hope” for her when it comes to the family.

Spencer Trailer Shows Exciting 1St Look At Kristin Stewart As Princess Diana

The biopic is directed by filmmaker Pablo Larrain (Jackie) and aims to be not inherently accurate, but details what possibly transpired in a narrative that highlights a very tense time for the royal family. With a very beloved public figure like Princess Diana, royal family enthusiasts will not want to miss Spencer.

Spencer arrives in theatres on November 5.

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