Star Wars Eclipse Is Still Far, Far Away From Release Despite Huge 2021 Announcement

Quantic Dream is Looking to Change Its Studio Culture

Star Wars Eclipse had a very brief announcement trailer featured at The Game Awards 2021. However, a report suggests developer Quantic Dream is still far away from release.

The very brief teaser that took Star Wars fandom by storm at the Game Awards 2021, left fans wanting much more in regard to the exciting and seemingly innovative new IP set in the Star Wars Universe. Simply titled Star Wars Eclipse, which is set to take place during the High Republic era, the Quantic Dream developed title is apparently running into staffing issues Xfire reports. The trailer can be seen below:

YouTube video

This is the type of announcement that is meant to whet fans’ appetite, for a title that still remains nowhere close to completion. This can be seen with other developers, in Rockstar’s minuscule GTA VI announcement, and the way-too-early announcement of Beyond Good and Evil‘s sequel over a decade back in 2008. This mode of teasing can be good and bad, with obviously given announcements likened to ‘air helps people breathe’ types like Rockstar’s, and way too premature announcements—other Ubisoft project Skull & Bones can fall into this category too—like the latter. Star Wars Eclipse, sadly, seems to fall into the latter category.

Xfire Writer Tom Henderson suggests this method is utilized to help scoop up high-level development talent for projects that are still light years away from reality. But possibly due to the shadow debunked alleged toxic workplace reports cast, which have been squashed since April 7th, 2021, it may be hard for the developer to acquire talent. The report suggests the title possibly won’t see the light of day until 2027-2028.

Star Wars Eclipse Is A High Republic Adventure Game From Quantic Dream

Quantic Dream has a solid repertoire of narrative-heavy Sci-fi games under its belt, with Detroit: Become Human, and Beyond Two Souls, so Star Wars Eclipse should be in good hands with the developer, but due to the report of staffing issues, the title may be far off.

Fans who want to stay informed about all the development updates of Star Wars Eclipse can head over to their Twitter Account for more information.

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