Stray Becomes Best User-Rated Steam Game 2022, Cool Cat Mods Released

Stray Becomes Best User-Rated Steam Game 2022, Cool Cat Mods Released 1

Stray has now been ranked the highest user-rated game on Steam, even PC modders have been enjoying the game’s capabilities.

Annapurna’s feline adventure game, Stray has already stolen so many audiences’ attention from its first trailer to its recent release. The popularity of the game has already pushed itself to the top spot on Steam250—a site which determines games’ average review scores based on player reviews. Players are having so much fun that PC modders have already been running wild with the game’s features and visual swaps for the protagonist cat.

Stray has scored 8.61 out of 10 on the ranking list, based on 42,665 votes of which 98% are positive. This has officially toppled God of War to second place in terms of the top list of games released in 2022. While this is an awesome milestone for the near ‘purr-fect’ game, it is still at number 49 in the ranking for best game of all time.

Portal 2 currently still holds the top spot in the best game of all time on Steam250, which has a rating of 8.83 (based on 301,930 votes, of which 99% are positive). Other games that followed suit include Terraria, Stardew Valley, Hades and People Playground.

Ec5: 5 Things We Love About Stray 6

PC modders have already experimented with so many ways to change the visual looks of the feline protagonist. Some have been subtle, like a user sharing how they changed the cat’s colour. However, another user, Sirgalahad172 has come up with something a bit more ‘purr-culiar’ (all the cat puns for your enjoyment!). Now, the cat could look like CJ from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

The modder says, “This mod is intended as a joke as CJ needs to be modded in any game that exists.” Based on the YouTube video, the CJ mod is not only visible in Stray’s actual gameplay but is strangely featured in cutscenes as well. If you are still with me on a human taking on a cat-like stance, then this next mod is a little cuter.

Twitter user, Imogen Donovan, quickly spotted Nexus Mods releasing a list of reskins made to resemble users’ cats in real-life. The modders are also taking requests from players to work on custom mods to implement players’ real cat looks in the game. This could be a sort of way to revitalize or honour some of our fallen feline friends—from tuxedo cats to adorable sphynxes.

With the game’s simple concept and mechanics, it is clear many audiences are interested in Stray and the popularity and modding possibilities could be endless. CGMagazine’s review even called the game “…equal parts a fun and unique twist on the Adventure game genre and a showcase of what to expect from BlueTwelve Studio in the future.”

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