European Super League Could Mean Big Changes for FIFA 22

European Super League Could Mean Big Changes for FIFA 22

The fate of FIFA 22 is in question after the world of football was turned upside down by the announcement of the European Super League yesterday.

The news shook football fans across the globe as the rumours of The Super League have been floating around for almost two years now. Some of the largest clubs in the world have signed on for this new league, including Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham. This leaves EA Sports fans wondering — What will happen to FIFA 22 now that the leagues are changing?

Italian Journalist Fabrizio Romano shared the news about the clubs moving over to The Super League, and I have yet to see a fan excited about it in the sport or gaming world. It is said that UEFA will not permit the clubs involved to continue playing in their domestic leagues, so it could very well mean bye-bye FIFA for most of these huge club names as well. broke down how The Super League could affect EA Sports and FIFA 22, “it would likely be a rights issue. If EA agreed on a deal to carry The Super League branding, teams, and so on, it would be added as normal. If they couldn’t, we might have a Serie A situation on our hands.” They also touched on how it could affect the games Ultimate Teams, “A new league would mean that Super League players would probably only link with fellow Super League players, rather than say Liverpool players continuing to link with the Premier League players.”

Some FIFA players have been speculating how EA may adapt to the situation, “Electronic arts will probably just change the FIFA name since it’s an American video game company to probably “superleague”, though I’m not quite sure that’s how licensing works. Others players have had less than nice things to say about the coming release without any real information. I’ll let you check out their choice words here.

With the release of FIFA 22 set for October 8, 2021 by EA Sports, its unclear how they will adapt to the new Super League in such a short amount of time. As more information is released about the league, hopefully EA will keep us updated.

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