Superhot: Mind Control Delete Continues the Bullet Time Saga

Superhot: Mind Control Delete Continues the Bullet Time Saga 1

The Superhot Team are set to release the third installment of their slow-motion puzzle FPS, titled Mind Control Delete.

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Originally planned as an expansion to their original game and VR sequel, the third game eventually became a full fledged title with over 12 to 15 hours of developer-crafted levels for players to shoot, dodge and throw objects in.

The Matrix-esque bullet time formula also continues, with players fighting hordes of digital mobsters with traditional FPS mechanics. But the twist comes with time only moving when players do, letting them stop to plan out their executions before getting smoked by enemies from all angles. But by fighting back, players can catch enemy weapons in mid-air. This also lets players use pistols, shotguns and submachine guns with limited ammo before throwing it at enemies.

Superhot: Mind Control Delete Continues The Bullet Time Saga 1
Superhot Mind Control Delete – Superhot Team

According to the game’s new Steam page, the game “much bigger than its predecessors,” with its open environments giving players more freedom to roam around and dodge bullets. They can also find more items scattered around to use, with different play styles encouraged by the developer. A few surprise abilities will also be unlocked by players if they run out of weapons, similar to a (literal) mind-blowing move seen in VR.

The game’s story also shares connections to the original title and VR, but eagle-eyed players wouldhave to keep track of the game’s subtle hints and piece Superhot‘s universe together.

Unfortunately, there’s no VR version of the game in the works. In an earlier interview with HTC Vive, the Superhot Team stated the first VR game was a ground-up recreation of the original game. Making a VR sequel based on Mind Control Delete would mean starting a new project – something the team was open to doing in the future.

“Honestly for now we are focusing on MIND CONTROL DELETE but at the same time we never really left VR. If there is enough interest in MCD we might try recreating something similar for VR,” the Superhot Team told HTC.

Superhot: Mind Control Delete is releasing on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on July 16, 2020. A port for the Nintendo Switch is planned, but the team is giving the new game away for buyers of the original Superhot. This means Switch owners will get access to the other console versions. Original buyers on other systems will also get Mind Control Delete for free.

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