The Crew 2 and New Assassin’s Creed Announced by Ubisoft

The Crew 2 and New Assassin's Creed Announced by Ubisoft 2

Ubisoft has announced that a new Assassin’s Creed and The Crew 2 will release before the current fiscal year ends in March of 2018.

Both titles were revealed during Ubisoft’s annual earnings report. In addition to the announcement of Far Cry 5, the company revealed three additional games that will see a release within the current fiscal year. An untitled Assassin’s Creed game will likely see release before the end of 2017, just as previous entries in the series have. Nothing else was revealed about the title, but a recent rumour suggests that the highly successful series will take on ancient Egypt in an open-world setting. According to the rumour, the game is named Assassin’s Creed Origins and is also said to be the largest game in the franchise.

The Crew is getting a sequel three years after the original was released back in 2014. This is the first we are hearing about another entry in this series. Besides a name and a release before the end of the fiscal year, nothing else is known about the title. A logo was unveiled on the official Ubisoft forums with the tagline, “The best is yet to come!” The original game was recently free to download back when Ubisoft celebrated their 30th anniversary.

Outside of these three new game announcements, Ubisoft has reconfirmed that South Park: The Fractured But Whole will be released in the same time period, sometime before April of 2018. The title has seen a number of delays since it was announced back in June of 2015, the most recent was a delay back in February of this year.

While the announcements were very shy of any real details, all of this comes weeks before E3 2017. You can catch the Ubisoft press conference along with all our coverage on each of these titles on June 12 at 1 PM PT.

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