The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes Unleashes its Wonders This June

| May 7, 2020
The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes Unleashes its Wonders This June 1

Dungeons and Dragons may be synonymous here in the West, but for Germans, the Book of Heroes tabletop series takes the crown when it comes to popular pen and paper-based RPGs. Developed by Random Potion and published by Wild River Games, The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes is an upcoming game that promises to flesh out the legendary Book of Heroes series by bringing it into the digital realm of gaming.

Random Potion and Wild River games recently put out a video, highlighting the development process of The Dark Eye, including an in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at beta footage of the game. Random Potion promises that The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes will blend in both, familiar co-op focused dungeon crawling, with elements of more traditional feeling, pen and paper mechanics, implemented from its board game roots.

Combat won’t be the only emphasis as The Dark Eye aims to include puzzles that require cooperative play that introduces negotiation options into the game to create a level of immersion that is similar to playing traditional tabletop or board games with friends. The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes begins with players creating their avatar, complete with their very own backstory and class, set against the rich world of Aventuria, alone or with up to four friends.

Fans’ of dungeon crawling games that feature more in-depth roleplaying mechanics such as Divinity, or those who are looking for a game that evokes the feeling of playing a tabletop title with friends should keep their (dark) eyes out for The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes when it launches on Steam on June 9. 2020 for $29.99 USD or $42.49 CDN.

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