The Mandalorian Partners With Sonos For Audio Goodies

The Mandalorian Partners With Sonos For Audio Goodies

The Mandalorian Season Two is upon Star Wars fans for October 2020, while Sonos will be giving viewers some added immersion through its sound products and music services.

In a release, Sonos stated it would be giving The Mandalorian a much-needed bass boost in its flagship Arc sound system. This would add realistic TIE Fighter screeches for a tense ambiance. Other iconic Star Wars bytes will also be enhanced in 5.1 surround sound with Dolby Atmos integration from Sonos.

This is also where customers can get six months of free Disney+ to watch The Mandalorian if they add an Arc, Beam or other select Sonos products in their home theatre setup over October 2020.

Those looking to enjoy more of the show’s musical charm from composer Ludwig Göransson can access the Sonos Radio streaming app to find his own curated station. The serving of hand-picked songs will also include The Mandalorian Season Two‘s official soundtrack on top of some jazz, classical, score and rock classics.

“’Things That Stuck’ is a collection of songs and sounds that found their way into my hippocampus. Sharing my passion for music with my family and friends has been one of the greatest joys of my life,” Göransson said in the release. “When you share an emotional bond with someone, your heart and eardrums swell up and makes you listen to music in a different way. Let’s become friends.”

The Mandalorian Season Two premieres on Disney+ starting October 30, 2020 while Sonos’ promotion runs from October 1 to 31.

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