The Munsters Reboot Secret Cast Comes as No Surprise

The Munsters Reboot Secret Cast Comes as No Surprise 2

Rob Zombie’s The Munsters provides a sneak peek with the cast shown on the film’s set.

Famous singer-songwriter and horror director, Rob Zombie, confirms The Munsters reboot casting rumours that have been speculated by many fans. Zombie has been periodically posting new images to their Instagram for the last couple of months. The images contained pictures of makeup work, molds and blueprints that will be used on the set for the film. But most recently, a picture of the three cast members revealed Jeff Daniel Phillips (Westworld, The Gifted) as Herman Munster, Sheri Moon Zombie (3 From Hell) as Lily Munster, and Dan Roebuck (3 From Hell, The Man in the High Castle) as Grandpa Munster.

The Munsters Reboot Secret Cast Comes As No Surprise 1
The Munsters

The post read, “Since Halloween is rapidly approaching I thought it was the perfect time to MEET THE MUNSTERS! Direct from the set in good old Hungary. I present Herman, Lily and The Count sitting in front of the newly completed 1313 Mockingbird Lane.” The image and text are enough as a video teaser, but hopefully an actual trailer gets dropped soon. There’s no information on what stage the filming is on for now. It’s crazy to see that they actually built a full, “exact” set from the ground-up for the iconic 1313 Mockingbird Lane house as shown from Zombie’s post on the blueprints of the house months ago.

The Munsters was an American sitcom that ran from 1964-66 that was about a family of friendly monsters who lives in the then-modern day world, and it shows how they were treated differently by society based on looks. The father, Herman, is supposed to be Frankenstein’s monster, his wife, Lily, and father-in-law, Grandpa, are vampires, the son, Eddie, is a werewolf and then the niece, Marilyn, is just a normal human. Most people may remember the viral clip that still circulates the internet and social media, which showed how the TV series was more than a monster show.

YouTube video

Zombie is known for their work on the 2000s remake of Halloween (1978), which had mixed reviews compared to John Carpenter’s vision for Michael Myers. Ultimately, it was a great display of Zombie’s directorial style that many fans enjoy. The filmmaker has not talked about the plot of The Munsters or if it will follow the sitcom’s tone of light-hearted drama and comedy. Based on the images so far, the aesthetics is definitely following the way the characters looked in the 1960s — unlike the underwhelming one – episode special on NBC, 1313 Mockingbird Lane.

There hasn’t been a release date either, but the movie is expected to be in theatres and the streaming service, Peacock. Perhaps, we will get more details as Zombie posts more pictures on Instagram.

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