Thymesia, Team17’s New Dark Plague-Based RPG is Coming

Thymesia, Team17's New Dark Plague-Based RPG is Coming

A new soulsborne type Action-RPG, Thymesia, introduces fast-paced combat, and weaponizing disease in an effort to defeat adversaries.

In a gothic Victorian-inspired setting, Thymesia brings players into a dark world that offers replay value that ensures a long shelf life.

Team17 and OverBorder Studio team up in bringing a new RPG delight to fans. The player is Corvus, a half-raven, half-human hybrid, that sees a kingdom long past its glory days as the world has succumbed to darkness and chaos. The plague-doctor-inspired mask Corvus dons lend credence to the overall atmosphere in the setting, as the protagonist will wield the plague to defeat plague-addled monsters bent by the corruption of disease. Another plague-inspired game in recent memory, that herbs surely won’t protect the player against.

Corvus is equipped with weapons that can seize the plague from these corrupted enemies and give them a taste of their own non-medicine by flinging it back at them. Unraveling mysteries and collecting memories that are scattered about the environment will be a key element of gameplay, as the player will traverse the battlefield with precise parries and dodges that are significant in any Action-RPG.

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The notable features of Thymesia are as follows:

  • Weaponising diseases: As Corvus, players can rob diseases from enemies and wield them as deadly weapons
  • Engaging combat: Players will need to use every tool at their disposal to avoid death; dodging attacks and parrying at the right time will be key to survive in this world
  • A dark and deadly world: With a sinister and gloomy backdrop, Thymesia oozes character through its environments and setting
  • Unforgiving enemies: Corrupted by the plague, and mutated into monsters, the enemies are twisted and incredibly hostile, challenging players at every turn
  • Replayability: The ability to customise Corvus and try different builds, coupled with the multiple different endings available, means no two playthroughs are ever the same.

The music in the trailer encapsulates the dark theme of the game while it shows what Thymesia is about, with a combat style that carries Bloodborne-like weight.

The plague of Thymesia arrives on PC via Steam on December 7.

To stay up to date on all the latest Thymesia news, you can find OverBorder Studio on TwitterFacebook, and Discord.

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