Tower of God Season 2 Anime Coming Soon July 2024

More Questions Arise In Latest Teaser Trailer

Tower of God Season 2 Anime Coming Soon July 2024 1

The new teaser trailer revealed some still shots from Tower of God Season 2, revealing the release window will be in July 2024.

The treacherous tower climb will be making its grand return! This week at Anime NYC 2023, Crunchyroll‘s Industry Panel showcased the official teaser trailer for Tower of God Season 2. It also revealed that the series will be returning with a release window of July 2024. Of course, there will be spoilers revealed below, so be sure to catch up with the first season of Tower of God before reading further, unless you do not mind. Otherwise, crank up the volume on your Stray Kids playlist (you know you have listened to Rock-Star over a hundred times now), and let us dive into the teaser trailer.

In case you did not know, Tower of God was adapted from the WEBTOON of the same name. It began publication back in June 2010 with 13 physical volumes released to date in Korea. The anime adaptation of the series produced by Telecom Animation Film and directed by Takashi Sano aired in April 2020. It really got a lot of focus for its intriguing storytelling of twists and turns, and was a really interesting watch as the COVID-19 lockdowns began.

To recap a little bit of the first season, the protagonist Bam (or Baam). He had been born underneath the mysterious Tower, and had grown up there in darkness for all of his life. In that dark dwelling, he spent all his time with his close friend Rachel, who eventually enters the Tower on her own. This left Bam no choice but to chase after her, but struggled to get into the Tower immediately after her. He announced that he would be willing to die for one last chance to see his friend Rachel again. Eventually, he enters the Tower and meets a few allies who will help him reach the top of the Tower.

Tower Of God Season 2 Anime Coming Soon July 2024 2

The vibes is almost Hunger Games-like but with a lot more mystery and finding out how the battle royale Tower works. Getting into the spoilers of the end of the first season, Rachel was a real piece of work (to put it nicely!)! I mean, how could she do my boy Bam like that?! The man was simping for her…sigh…anyways. We all know what Rachel did, and she was trying to be protagonist material. This meant that Bam had to find a new way to climb the Tower, as Rachel deceived all of Bam’s allies.

So, it seems like Bam will be continuing his climb in Tower of God Season 2, looking for the answers of why Rachel really did him dirty. As for Rachel, she looked to be just advancing her way up the Tower. But it is not just her story that appeared to be advancing too. Other characters like Rak and Anak also looked to be spotlight characters in the upcoming season, which makes sense as they had a comradery with Bam. A new key art title poster was also shown for the new season. Do not miss out on Tower of God Season 2, streaming on Crunchyroll in July 2024!

Ridge Harripersad
Ridge Harripersad

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