The Tribeca Festival Has Revealed Its 9 Exciting Game Choices For 2022

The Tribeca Festival Has Revealed Its 9 Exciting Game Choices For 2022 3

This is the second year the Tribeca Festival has revealed choices for the annual Tribeca Games Award and in its sophomore year, the nine selections made will vie for the prestigious award.

The annual Tribeca Festival is mainly known for the film aspect of media, and a celebration ensues every year based on which forms of media stand out among the rest, for excellence in storytelling and other categories media has to offer. The most notable part about the Tribeca Games Award, is that it honours games that are yet to be released for the award, as last year’s award winner was the critically acclaimed NORCO — which received a resounding 88 on Metacritic — back in March.

Norco Review | Pc Gamer

Vice President of Tribeca Games and Immersive, Casey Baltes explained that “This year’s selections represent the incredible range of how games prove to be a powerful form of storytelling,” including “We’re continuing to expand how audiences and players interact with games, not only as entertainment but as one of the most impactful cultural mediums,” regarding the inclusion of video games on their prestigious ballot for the Tribeca Festival of 2022.

In the second year where the Tribeca Festival has chosen to celebrate games, they have announced a stellar lineup on nine unreleased titles that could potentially take home the bacon, or the Tribeca Games Award for 2022. Without further ado, here are the exciting nominees selected for the Tribeca Games Award.

Tribeca Festival 2022 Game Award Selections

The Tribeca Festival Has Revealed Its 9 Exciting Game Choices For 2022
OXENFREE II: Lost Signals
  • American Arcadia
  • As Dusk Falls
  • The Cub
  • Cuphead – The Delicious Last Course
  • Immortality
  • OXENFREE II: Lost Signals
  • A Plague Tale: Requiem
  • Thirsty Suitors
  • Venba

The spotlight on these titles is notable for their emphasis on stellar storytelling, and they have all yet to be released, and in most cases, have yet to even receive a release date. The Tribeca Festival will take place from June 8 to June 19, in a sprawling celebration of media. Fans can visit their website, or follow on the official Tribeca Festival Twitter for updates on all the action.

If fans want to skip everything non-game related, the Tribeca Games Spotlight takes place on June 10th, and starts at 3 PM ET, and can be watched on the Summer Games Festival website as well. Although the cancellation of E3 this year has occurred, there’s still the recently announced Microsoft event, which can make this an exciting Summer for gaming.

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