Twitch Canada & Taco Bell Team Up With 3 Streamers In Huge Beautiful Mess Campaign

Twitch Canada & Taco Bell Team Up With 3 Streamers In Huge 'Beautiful Mess' Campaign

Taco Bell and gaming have been good friends for a while, but this time, they are teaming up with Twitch Canada to have three major Canadian streamers paint bibs with fallen taco remnants.

It’s finally time for Twitch Canada to break out their inner Bob Ross, because three prominent Twitch streamers are about to get messy while Taco Bell-ing it up.

In a new ad campaign, Taco Bell has taken out all the stops by granting three Twitch Canada streamers the gladiatorial rights of facing the harshest adversary yet, a bib canvas with tacos. It’s worth mentioning Taco Bell has had a storied history with gaming, as they have done many giveaways including official Xbox & PlayStation consoles that are limited in nature, but big in taco.

Twitch Canada &Amp; Taco Bell Team Up With 3 Streamers In Huge Beautiful Mess Campaign

The kicker on the new promotion ad, is the three popular Twitch Canada streamers will break out their paintbrushes — their hands and face — and go to work on their canvas that are in the shape of bibs around their necks, creating masterful works of art that can be displayed anywhere fine art is accepted.

Viewers that take part in the taco extravaganza can donate bites to a cause, gift subscribers, all in an effort to win a grand prize of their favourite streamer’s live worn bib, with all the sauces and cheeses and general mess creating taco peripherals they have used in an effort to create the winner’s own beautiful mess.

Although one of the three streamers, Mtashed already finished his masterpiece on Monday, there is still time for viewers to take part in the final two legs of Twitch Canada’s beautiful mess campaign. Streamer DeadlyCreatorYT will forgo utensils live on Twitch, Thursday August 4th in a messy masterpiece session. Shortly afterwards, TheStefSanjati will conclude with artfully crafting the third Friday August 12th, all live on Twitch.

While it remains to be seen whether this campaign will conclude after August 12th or not, as Gears of War protagonist Marcus Fenix would say: Twitch Canada is about to get messy.

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