From the Underworld to the Stars in One Screenshot Saturday

From the Underworld to the Stars in One Screenshot Saturday 1

Once again Saturday has come, gone, and sprouted a gallery full of interesting things. Screenshot Saturday attracts both game developers showing their work and misinformed folks sharing their selfies. In selecting some of the pieces worth showing, I promise to weed out the latter group (though I’m sure they’re fine individuals).

Oberon’s Court by Boof Games

A soul is finding its way into the afterlife, but is struck with choice. Shall it enslave the weak it finds along its path, or shepherd them to a better existence? Oberon’s Court presents both options as a role playing strategy hybrid. This image is some sort of moving overview map.

The Universim by Crytivo Games

This little planetary exploration rover is finding a home in The Universim, an enormously ambitious epoch- and star-spanning god game that’s already captured a fair bit of attention. Perhaps not quite enough, though, as Crytivo’s Kickstarter campaign is only now inching close to their goal with just a handful of days left to reach it.

0rbitalis by Alan Zucconi


If an old PPI radar were to find it had gained sentience and a desire to exist as an art installation, I imagine we’d end up with something like 0rbitalis. Zucconi’s solo project is a gravity simulation puzzle game about pulling satellites through the heavens.

Mad Devils by Itzy Interactive

To my knowledge, all the media we have on this twin-stick shooter is some rad concept art. Word War II is raging and the casualties are wreaking demonic vengeance. The gas canister clad fellow above is Pestilence, perhaps one of a quartet of Book of Revelation referencing brothers.

Tangiers by Andalusian (and friends)

Hailing classic Thief titles and David Lynch as references, Tangiers is a stealth game where you hide not from the fear of violence, but from the world-collapsing influence that your mere interaction with an area might have. “…future areas [will be] rebuilt with the fragments and personality of places you mistreated.”

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