Venice Film Festival Plans to Proceed in September 2020

Venice Film Festival Plans to Proceed in September 2020

This year’s 77th Venice Film Festival is proceeding as planned along the Lido in September while organizers confirmed the two-week-long events will run from the second to 12.

Venice Biennale president Roberto Cicutto told the ANSA its main Venice festival won’t be partnering much with Cannes this year, but opened on the idea if they were to cancel their events from COVID-19.

“We are going forward with our program, and if Cannes is still thinking (about their course of action) then there is no dialogue,” Cicutto said, adding Venice’s guest list is expected to be lighter this year as actors and film crew are participating in social distancing measures and stay-at-home practices amid a worldwide pandemic. He also mentioned digital platforming for their programs will be heavier to support foreign press, while producers will work to be transparent on the online red carpet.

So far, the deadline for Biennale is set for the “end of May” and continues to wait for Italian officials to give the film festival a green light for staging an in-person gathering for a variety of new motion pictures showcased as per tradition.

Italy is currently following the rest of the world in the efforts to flatten the coronavirus cases while the country has seen over 23,000 deaths according to Variety. This also means the country is the most severe in fatalities while the rise in numbers have improved significantly over time ahead of the preparations for Venice.

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