Warframe Update 29.10.0 Brings ‘More Fun and Less Grind’

Warframe Update 29.10.0 Brings ‘More Fun and Less Grind’
Digital Extremes has been listening to player feedback and their new update Corpus Proxima and The New Railjack is proof of that. 

More Accessible

Corpus Proxima and the New Railjack (Update 29.10.0) has made the Warframe experience more streamlined while also preparing us for the Call of the Tempestarii (Update 30) later this spring. When you login to Warframe following the patch you can expect a more accessible experience. The update reworks the core Warframe experience for less grind and less reliance on matchmaking. Digital Extremes is “embracing spaceship battles more than ever” with this update and because of that, your Railjack is going to be front and centre. The dev team has made it less of a grind to build one if you have yet to do so. The cost of ship components and the time it takes to build them has also been reduced significantly. For players who just want to skip building and get straight to some space-battles, Railjack is also available to purchase from the marketplace. Using the in-game currency, Platinum, players can grab a Railjack and skip the quest. Simply, Digital Extremes wants to provide players with more options. 

Expanding Gameplay 

The new update is weaving familiar gameplay with its new modes, which combines “classic Warframe gameplay with Railjack battles”. Sheldon Carter, Digital Extremes COO, writes in a press release that these integrations will “transform Corpus Proxima and The New Railjack into something more unified and essential”. These refined Railjack missions will offer players core reward loops and hardcore mech gameplay. Players can now collect Arcanes to improve their Warframes. Additionally, players will for the first time be able to crack relics to unlock Warframe Primes. 

In the new mode known as Volatile, Tenno will sabotage a capital ship and will make use of their environment to cause Reactor failure as well as fend off Engineers who will try to stop you.

Warframe Update 29.10.0 Brings ‘More Fun And Less Grind’

Railjack Overhaul

As you may have guessed by the title of the update, Railjack improvements are a big focus. One of the more notable changes is the removal of Avionics. The entire Avionics system has been reworked and has now been converted to Railjack Mods. No longer are players equipping mods to the Railjack, players will now be able to bring their mods with them into all Railjack missions using the new PLEXUS system. This way when playing co-op you don’t have to worry about what avionics/mods your host has equipt because you’ll be able to bring your own. The PLEXUS is equipped with an Aura slot and eight integrated mod slots. The Aura slot will benefit the Railjacks attributes regardless if it’s your own spacecraft or you’re joining a buddy. That way you can boost the Railjacks defense while your buddy can bring an offensive boost. The integrated slots however will benefit you alone. They will allow players to bring their mods aboard another player’s Railjack, giving Tenno more freedom and not feeling hostage by the mods chosen by a host. 

“We thought a lot about how to make Railjack better and more fun,” explained Carter. “Player feedback was very direct. You told us straight up, ‘give us more control and streamline the experience’ and this update is built with that input in every aspect.” 

With the Avionics change, you may be wondering what will become of Dirac? Dirac will now be converted into Endo. All the Dirac players may have spent on their Grid will be reimbursed. When players login they’ll want to use their Endo to upgrade their Railjack mods.

Command Intrinsics

Command Intrinsics allows you to hire AI crewmates once leveled up. These crewmates will help run your Railjack when you are rocking with a squad less than 4, or playing solo. This update feeds back into Digital Extremes’ promise to make Warframe’s experience less dependent on matchmaking. You can hire an assortment of people from across the galaxy, assign them roles, and level up their skills.

Recruiting crewmembers and modding your railjack will be important to battling the Corpus, as well as unlocking the new Warframe Sevagoth in the upcoming quest inside Update 30: Call of the Tempestarii.

Additional Railjack Updates

  • Left and right turrets behind the cockpit have been removed. Railjack turrets are now atop and below the ship.
  • Railjack open area has been compressed to reduce traversal time between stations
  • Base Railjack speed increased and Railjack sprint bar removed
  • Pilots will not be able to fire their gun while sprinting
  • Damage types will be unified. Removing the Railjack damage types to what players learned with Warframe’s core elements. (Ballistic = Impact, Frost = Cold, Chem = Toxic etc.)
  • Railjack Malfunctions/Hazards have been reworked to longer affect the ship’s Health and Shields but will instead change how you approach gameplay. For example, Electrical Hazards now scramble your Mini Map and disable the use of the Tactical Menu and Fire Hazards now cause weapons to overheat quicker.
Tenno Battling Corpus Soldier In Warframe

With Corpus Proxima and The New Railjack, Digital Extremes tackled many of the community’s requests for a more streamlined experience. Players on PC will be able to experience these improvements on March 19th. Update 30 will bring these changes to consoles alongside the Call of the Tempestarii content when it releases. More info on Update 30 can be found on the Warframe site within their most recent dev workshop. Corpus Proxima and The New Railjack bring changes that are sure to make the experience more approachable and improve Warframe’s QoL for veterans and new players alike.

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