Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide Coming To Consoles

| Jul 27, 2016
Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide Coming To Consoles 2

Vermintide, one of the PC’s most surprising and extremely fun hits of 2015, will be bringing the battle to consoles this fall.

Fatshark, the developers of Vermintide, made the video announcement today that the game will be releasing on the Xbox One and PS4 sometime this autumn, with no definitive date currently set.

Vermintide was first released on Steam back in October 2015. It’s cliche, but the easiest thing to compare the game style to is Left 4 Dead. Vermintide is a first-person melee co-op game where you go from point A to B fighting off hordes of rat soldiers. There are a variety of rat soldiers including basic Clanrats, stealthy Gutter Runners and terrifying Rat Ogres. The game was a near instant hit with the Warhammer fanbase and new fans alike thanks to the intense combat and replayability that rarely felt dull.

In Vermintide, players can choose from five different heroes to destroy the rat hordes with and collect gear to make them stronger in battle. The Skaven, the rat horde, have overrun the city of Ubersreik, and it’s up to players to take back the city by battling with either friends or bots. The enemies are smart and will cause players trouble, especially on higher difficulties, so if you’re up for a challenge this games for you.

All of the current DLC for Vermintide will be available on the console version once it releases.

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