Whitethorn Games Partners With Humble Bundle For Charity

whitethorn games partners with humble bundle for charity 23051705

Support The Trevor Project through Humble Bundle and Whitethorn Games this week with the Easy-Going Games Bundle.

Whitethorn Games has released the perfect gaming bundle for all the cozy gamers out there. Whitethorn Games has teamed up with Humble Bundle to raise money for The Trevor Project, a charity dedicated to supporting LGBTQ+ youth. This bundle comes with 12 inclusive, accessible, and easy-going games, perfect for the gamer who likes to take it easy both in life and virtually. 

Whitethorn Games And Humble Bundle'S Easy-Going Game Bundle.

Here are all the cozy games available in the Easy-Going Games Bundle:

  • Wytchwood: Take on the role of a mysterious witch who lives in a land of gothic fables and fairytales. Explore the strange countryside, collect ingredients, brew sorcerous enchantments and pass your twisted judgment upon the unique creatures that live there.
  • APICO: A laid-back beekeeping sim about breeding, collecting, and conserving bees and other pollinators. Gather resources, craft items in a series of lush environments and bring our pollinating pals back to the island. 
  • The Forest Cathedral: In this environmental thriller blending 3D exploration with 2D platforming, take on the role of real-life scientist Rachel Carson in this dramatic reimagining of her study into the effects of DDT on the environment. 
  • Lake: Play as Meredith Weiss as she takes a break from her fast-paced career to visit her hometown of Providence Oaks and delivers the mail to its quirky community of residents. 
  • RE:CALL: Change your mind to change the present in this narrative adventure as you tackle puzzles, meet a unique cast of characters, and solve the mystery of who is behind your newfound powers. 
  • Aground: Shipwrecked on an unknown island, you are one of the last human survivors. Mine, craft, and survive as you rebuild society.
  • Calico: Build the cat cafe of your dreams, prepare meow-th-watering dishes, and meet cuddly companions in this day-in-the-life community sim.
  • Princess Farmer: Princess Farmer was just an ordinary farmer until the day she was granted magical powers that allow her to hoist entire rows of veggies! Play this match-3 meets visual novel game on your own or in co-op with a friend!
  • Evan’s Remains: Solve intricate puzzles to unravel the mystery behind the disappearance of boy genius Evan in this beautifully rendered mystery thriller inspired by Japanese graphic novels.
  • Teacup: Play as Teacup, a shy frog who wants to throw a tea party for her friends. Join her on her adventure to find ingredients as she solves puzzles and participates in minigames in order to accomplish her goal.
  • Beasts of Maravilla Island: Take on the role of a young wildlife photographer as she traverses the mystical Maravilla Island to discover extraordinary creatures, learn their behaviours, and, most importantly, photograph their majesty and restore humanity’s faith in the magical.
  • StarCrossed: The galaxy is in danger, and it’s up to you to save it! Play alone or co-operatively with a friend as you fight cosmic enemies in this magical arcade game.
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These great games are available to purchase on Humble Bundle’s website until May 19, so don’t miss out. Pay at least $6.82 for the 6-game bundle or $16.34 for the entire 12-item bundle, that’s worth $232.96 usually. You can even pay extra to give more to The Trevor Project, Humble and the game publishers. Over 13,000 bundles have been sold so far, raising over $25,000 USD. Why not support a charity this May and support your own need for stress-free games in one go?

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