Wizard101’s Novus Update Is Finally Here

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Novus, Wizard101’s new update, is bringing storms of new content for us all to enjoy: New areas, friends and enemies, bosses, and even a new storyline.

Strange rocks have appeared all over the place in Wizard101, all connecting back to their new update, Novus, which is “a weird and wonderful world where dreams are reality”.

Wizard101S Novus Update

The world of Novus is inspired by surrealist art. Wizards are to find this realm and master new forms of magic and enhancements while exploring, discover the complex politics and preserve the world from those who wish to corrupt it. Level up from level 150 all the way to level 160—which wasn’t possible prior to this update. With the ability to use new spells, items or gear, you’ll be practically unstoppable against the Beastmoon event characters.

In honour of the release of Novus, Wizard101 has Novus-themed bundles which became available on November 4, 2022 and are only available for a limited amount of time. The Gold Novus Bundle having been available for only 48 hours upon release. The fall update has squeezed itself in with Novus, giving players new exotic upgrades to castle magic which maximizes your decorative choices for your castle, as well as new enhancements and other social systems.

Wizard101S Novus Update

“We came up with the core idea for Novus several worlds ago, but the narrative wasn’t ready for it. We’ve never done anything like this before. It’s esoteric, it’s existential, and has more political intrigue than worlds past. But as the story, the art, the world building and design started to come together, I knew it was going to be great.” said the Narrative Lead at KingsIsle, Sam Johnson.

Unpack your awesome journey on Wizard101 with the edition of Novus and their fall update! Explore the world of Novus, upgrade your castle and most of all, have fun! 

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